Our team of superb tutors offer you an intensive and encouraging weekend course, designed to train you in all aspects of evidential mediumship and its unfoldment.

The Arthur Findlay College

Intensive Mediumship Training at the Arthur Findlay College

Course Details

  • Dates: 24th to 26st January 2020
  • Course 03: Intensive Mediumship Training
  • Course Tutors: Kitty Woud OSNU, Lynn Parker OSNU, Tony Stockwell CSNU, Eileen Davies LSSNU, Andrew Manship CSNU and Lynn Probert CSNU

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Course Description

We will be looking into confidence building and how to overcome your fears.

  • The following aspects are part of your training:
  • Learning how to attune to the other world and keep the link
  • Distinguishing between the psychic and the spiritual level
  • How to strengthen and utilise your power
  • Deepening and refining your evidence
  • Improving your presentation and demonstrating skills and how to conduct private sittings.
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone by experimenting with your mediumship

We cater for all levels, from the beginner to the platform worker. Do you need a gentle nudge, or are you ready to be stretched or challenged? Then come and join us on this weekend that will help you to refine your gifts and take them to a higher level.